Free RPG Day: Dungeon Crawl Classics

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Join community GM Andrew Wight to try out Dungeon Crawl Classics for Free RPG Day!

In this scenario, Torryntalon is a small collection of farms, mills, and hovels, unremarkable save for the arcane wizard's tower that watches over the sleepy village. From his tower, The Wizard performs strange alchemy, casts dark spells, and demands taxes and tribute from the goodfolk he purports to protect. You are one of these same folks, a serf born into the dirt, growing up in the shadow of the tower. You have lost friends and family into those walls, taken by The Wizard as servants or subjects. Worse, you have seen the sights and heard the sounds that issue forth, haunting your sleepy village. Murmurs have begun to stir among the townsfolk, however, and resolve has slowly been building. Tonight, as you grab your pitchfork and light your torch, the murmurs have grown too loud to contain. Tonight, as you and your fellow villagers march on the eldritch stone gates, the resolve has peaked.

Tonight, the Wizard must die.